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Ghosts are a common fear for people of all ages! They can appear in many forms, but some people might not know that they can haunt dogs too. There are six different types of ghosts and three ways to prevent them from haunting your dog. Learn the difference between an earthbound spirit, poltergeist, and demonic possession so you can make sure that your pup is safe from being haunted by any ghost type! The types of ghosts that can haunt your dog are an earthbound spirit, poltergeist and demonic possession. An earthbound spirit is a ghost who stays in one place because they have unfinished business or regrets from their life. Usually these spirits are harmless but sometimes they can be aggressive if you disturb them! A poltergeist on the other hand is not technically considered a ghost; it’s caused by psychokinesis where people with strong psychic powers move objects without physically touching them while trapped inside of themselves (usually as punishment for their sins). They are more likely to feel anger towards those around them rather than being benevolent like most ghosts tend to be. Finally, there is demonic possession which often happens during exorcisms when someone has


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