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Spud is a carpenter who has signed a contract to build an office complex. The day after signing the contract, disaster strikes and he needs to find work right away. He contacts his employer and they agree that he can take on another job as long as it’s not related to construction for six months. But will Spud be able to get out of his obligations under the contract? 11 Steps To Improve Your Conversion Rate.

Study the analytics of successful websites in your niche and note what they have done to improve their conversion rates. Learn about any new marketing campaigns from competitors which might be able to help you grow faster, such as a recent social media campaign or discount offer.

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About how much money is coming into and going out of your business (e.g., sales vs cost). Calculate where exactly that profit would go if it was not spent on running costs like staff salaries, rent etcetera. Then make those decisions with care because this will ultimately affect the bottom line at the end of each month/year too.


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