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Spiritomb is a mysterious Pokémon that many trainers are eager to get their hands on. It’s shrouded in mystery for most players and even the professionals don’t know how they evolve! In this guide, I’ll give you all the information about Spiritomb breeding so you can finally enjoy your favorite Pokémon. Spiritomb can’t breed in the traditional sense, but they do lay eggs.

The egg will hatch into a Spritomb Baby and it will take ten days to become fully grown with time left over for evolving at Level 47 or higher! With that said there are two methods of getting your hands on Spiritombs: one is by breeding them and the other being catching them in Pokémon Black Version or White version respectively (or their sequels). It’s helpful if you know how to catch Spiritombs because this way you’ll be able to keep up with its evolution requirements easily. Eggs have three stages of growth; an Egg, Nidoran Male Stage One and Nidoran Female stage one. 


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