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Can spiders swim?

Spiders are a fascinating group of arthropods that can be found all around the world. There are over 40,00 known species of spider and they have been living on earth for about 300 million years! One question people often ask is if spiders can swim. The answer to this question is yes -spiders can swim by using their many legs as oars and paddles. This is where spiders are able to move in the water.

spider, robot, arachnid @ Pixabay

They use their many legs as oars and paddles, which is how they can paddle themselves through the water. This helps them escape predators or find food on the other side of a body of water. Interestingly enough, not all species of spider have this ability! Some small groups like daddy longlegs (which has no common name) cannot swim at all because they lack buoyancy thanks to their compact bodies that lack air spaces between rigid parts. Other types may be limited swimmers–they might only manage short distances when pushed underwater by waves or currents before sinking back down again [emphasis added].The best known example would be group arachnids called “daddy”.


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