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Spanish is spoken in a variety of countries throughout Latin America, Spain and the United States. It’s an important language to learn for business, travel or just about anything else. You can find tons of Spanish resources on the internet or at your local library. In this article we will explore some resources that will help you get started learning Spanish. 

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Online Resources II. Books and Audio CDs for Beginners in Spanish Language Learning  “Pimsleur Basic Spanish” by Pimsleur (audiobook)  “Spanish For Dummies- With CD ROM”, First Edition, By James E. Loehlin et al., Wiley Publishing Incorporated, 2005 (book with audio cd). “Teach Yourself Complete Spanish: Teach Yourself – Language Courses,” Second Edition, 2006 by Margaret Jervis; Kenneth Manns (book with audio cd). II.

Recommended list of textbooks to learn the language online or offline: This is a recommended list of books that will help you teach yourself how to speak fluent Spanish as an English speaker.


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