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Yes. It is possible for a soul tie to be one sided. Soul ties are created when two souls share an emotional connection and the bond lasts even after the physical body dies. So if you have a relationship in which only one person feels that intense emotional connection, then it can be considered as being one sided.

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This article explores the idea of soul ties and how they can be one-sided. It also talks about how these ties are often created when two souls share an emotional connection, which is not always reciprocated by the other person involved in this bond. The concept of a one sided tie may strike some people as strange since we tend to think that all relationships require both parties to work together and have a mutual agreement on feelings but there are many scenarios where it’s possible for only one side to feel such strong emotions.

A good example would be if you had been married at some point or perhaps your partner has died tragically; then it doesn’t seem feasible that he/she will want to continue their relationship with you.


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