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Snakes are amazing creatures. They can slither over any surface, even water, and they have no bones in their body. But there is one question that has puzzled scientists for years: how do snakes get upstairs? In this blog post, we will explore the anatomy of a snake and learn about some fascinating facts!  A snake’s belly scales are only rough on one side, which allows for a “slippery” grip when they slither across flat surfaces. This makes it difficult to climb upstairs with their underside facing down -Some species of snakes have legs and some don’t. Snakes that can use their front limbs in climbing will often clamber onto an object until its coils form a loop around the bottom edge of the stair or railing, then push off from this secure anchor point to allow them to go up the next step. If you see a group of snakes living in your house near the staircase, chances are good that there is a hole under or behind those steps that these reptiles can reach easily by using


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