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Smoking tea may sound like an odd idea, but it is a popular practice that has been around for years. Tea leaves are harvested and smoked in order to make the tea smokier than it would be otherwise. Many people claim smoking tea gets them high because of the nicotine content in the leaves; others say they don’t get any type of buzz from smoking their morning cup of tea. This blog post will take a look at why some people choose to smoke their teas, how many cups you need before feeling something, and what other effects there might be on your body when you do so! There are many reasons as to why people choose smoking tea over drinking it. Some say that they smoke their teas because of the mild buzz and increased alertness from caffeine, while others say it’s a cultural thing for them; some cultures just prefer this method. Smoking is also said to make you feel more awake after sleeping than if you had drunk your morning cup too close before bedtime. Others don’t have any preference when it comes down to how they drink their tea and simply want an enjoyable time with friends or family at breakfast, lunch, dinner or in the evening. You would need around five cups worth of smoked tea leaves before feeling anything when doing so because there isn’t enough nicotine content in one cup alone – contrary


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