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Everyone has a different opinion on whether or not Sims can get drunk. Whether you believe the answer is yes, no, or maybe, this article will explore all of your options and give you some ideas to help you decide for yourself. Some people say that Sims can get drunk by drinking alcohol. The answer to this is a big maybe. Some think the only way sims can be intoxicated is if they drink too much coffee and become hyperactive and their bladder empties at an accelerated rate. Others believe that you must mix drinks in order for them to have an effect on your Sim’s mood meter, while others think it would just take one beer or vodka before they start feeling its effects after some time goes by (usually minutes). But there are still those who really don’t know how Sims could ever feel any of these things because it doesn’t happen to them in real life though we all know what kind of parties go on behind closed doors! While I


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