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How can you tell if a sim card is bad? We’re going to talk about the symptoms of a bad sim card, and what you should do if you suspect that your phone’s SIM card is not functioning properly. This blog post discusses how to tell if your SIM card has gone bad, different ways to know for sure, and solutions for when it does happen. Symptoms of a bad sim card include: the phone not being able to make calls, are unable to send or receive texts, and your data connection is slow or nonexistent. A SIM card can go bad if it has been damaged by water, a physical trauma (a fall), improper handling of its connectors with other metal objects in extreme conditions such as high temperatures. You might also have a faulty sim card if the software on your device isn’t up-to-date make sure that you’re running an operating system version appropriate for your model. The newer iOS 11 update includes some changes that may be incompatible with older models and this could cause problems when uploading content from apps like Safari Mobile Browser. Contact customer service at Apple


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