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Yes, you can breed Silvally! There are some requirements that need to be met before you can do so, though. First of all, the Pokémon species needs to have a gender and cannot be made up entirely of genderless Pokémon. Secondly, it needs to learn the move “Splash” (a Water-type move) in order for breeding to be possible. Thirdly, both parents must know this move as well if they don’t already naturally know it – or else your offspring will not inherit Splash from either parent! If these conditions are met, the parents can begin breeding together. To do this, place both of them in a daycare facility and interact with it until they give you an Egg. Make sure that when you take the egg from the Day-Care Man or Lady to raise it yourself (and not release it), because if either parent knows Splash then your offspring will inherit that move as well! Long-Form Content: Do I need to link back to my own article about Breeding? Yes – no one wants me trying to sell their product for them! But don’t worry – we’ll get there soon enough.. 😉 For now, though, let’s make some more content talking about how Silvally breeds. You might be wondering


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