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Silk touch can pick up spawners, but it is not the best tool for this job. One reason why silk touch isn’t the most efficient way to collect spawners is that you will need to break blocks in order to get them. Silk touch will only pick up a block if it’s touching it. This means that you’ll have to be within range of the block and use your hands or an ax-like item. In addition, you’ll need to use your hands or an ax-like item in order to break the block. The article concludes with a paragraph that summarizes what you have learned. This is great for providing the readers with some key takeaways from your content: This means that when using silk touch, it’s important to remember where the spawner was and break blocks in order to get them back if they are needed again. Fortunately, there are other tools such as pickaxes or shears which can both collect resources while breaking blocks which will allow you to find any of the goodies hidden away inside. The bottom line? Silk touch might come in handy sometimes but it isn’t always the best tool for collecting items like spawners! [/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][et_pb_column type=”


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