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Can-shaped glasses are all the rage these days and for good reason! There are a few different shapes of can glassware that you may come across in your favorite bars or restaurants. We will go over the differences between them so you know exactly what to order next time you’re out. Polygonal: Polygonal cans refer to cans with curved sides that form a triangle shape on the top. This type is most commonly found in Germany and they tend to be taller than other styles which makes them ideal for long drinks like cola or beer. They also have more surface area at the top for condensation which means your drink will stay colder longer too! Rectangular: Rectangular cans have straight edges and are usually rectangular shaped on the top. These are perfect for drinks like mixed cocktails, vodka tonics, or any spirit that you want to be chilled quickly and served in a tall glass without ice. Round: The round can is by far the most popular shape of all because it’s easy to hold with your hands at an angle while sitting next to your friend! This style will usually have rounded edges but not always. Round cans are good for anything from beer pints, whiskey shots, or even water glasses so they’re great if you don’t know what kind of drink you’ll order when you sit down. Dagger-shaped long-form content was generated using this template: Topic sentence: Some people think there are only two


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