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Serena is a beautiful woman, who you can get to know and eventually marry. She has been with the Dragonborn since they were first brought back from the brink of death. However, if she dies it doesn’t necessarily mean that her story ends there. There are many ways for Serana to die in Skyrim, so we’ll take a look at what happens after Serana dies! In the event that Serana is killed by a dragon, she will respawn in her coffin as if nothing happened. She can then be resurrected without any repercussions. This means that even if you have already married and lost your spouse to one of these dragons, you are not stuck with this fate for eternity! All it takes is some time and effort to find out where they were slain last so you can collect their bloodied clothes to craft a new amulet of resurrection before heading back into the waiting room at Castle Volkihar for another try. If Serana dies from starvation or because vampires lack sleep (assuming Dawnguard DLC), there’s no hope for revival unless the Dragonborn feeds on humanoids like bandits until becoming infected themselves;


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