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This is the question we are going to answer in this blog post. We will explore the origins of this myth, look at some scientific evidence, and talk about what it means for your backyard flock. Let’s get right into it! Origin of Myth: The origin is unclear, but there are some good guesses. One theory is that breeds such as the Rhode Island Red have a high incidence of double ovulation so it would be possible for one rooster to produce two eggs in the same day. Another theory has to do with hens being outfitted with false/fake “eggs” by breeders who want their chicks to hatch earlier than they should. And finally, other theories suggest that this myth came from confusion between anatomy the hen’s oviduct can resemble an egg when viewed externally and both sexes share similar reproductive organs which could lead someone unfamiliar with poultry farming into believing a rooster laid an egg! Scientific Evidence: There was research done


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