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Rogues are a class that has been around in many different games of the past. They are known for their ability to sneak, steal and assassinate enemies from the shadows. Rogues have also always had an issue with getting enough damage output, but they can make up for it by using axes! I am going to go over how rogues can use axes as well as some rules you might want to follow when playing this sneaky class if you plan on taking on a group of foes at once! Rogues have a sneak attack to deal with their mediocre damage output. Sneak attacks can only be used when the rogue is in an enemy’s back arc, however, rogues are able to use axes and finish off enemies whenever they use this ability! Rogue skills that allow them to take on groups of foes at once will also work well as long as you keep your distance from melee opponents. This means using Smoke Bomb, even if it gets interrupted by some abilities like Psychic Scream or Terrify, will still give you time for 30 seconds to cast another smoke bomb before anyone catches up with you again! Be sure not to waste all of your energy though because there may be other opportunities later where Smoke Bombs will come in handy.


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