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Rogues are known for their deadly daggers and other sharp weaponry, but can they use axes in classic? Well, not quite. Rogues can’t equip axes as weapons in classic WoW because of their weapon skill specialization. But rogues do have a few abilities that allow them to attack with an ax-like motion, for example, the ability to throw a knife at someone’s feet and trip them. And some rogue talents also give you access to attacks that look like swings from a sword or ax! Lesson Learned: A Rogue’s excellent melee abilities are balanced by their weaker ranged options. Rogues in classic WoW can’t equip axes as weapons, but you’ll still see them use ax-like attacks when they throw a knife at someone or do some other trickery with their daggers and talents! The best melee weapon in Classic is the rogue’s dagger because of how deadly it is to enemies up close. This means that rogues have no need for axes which serve much more useful purposes from afar. Rogues are known for their deadly daggers and other sharp weaponry like knives, short swords, longswords, elven blades. But what about battleaxes? And while we’re talking about ranged weapons 


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