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Ever wonder if roaches can see in the dark? It turns out they can’t. They have a light-sensitive organ on their back called a “compound eye” that allows them to only see when there is light on it. This means they rely heavily on their sense of smell and touch to navigate, which helps them find food at night. Here’s a great article about roaches: – How do they see? They don’t. Roaches cannot see light but instead, rely heavily on their sense of smell and touch to navigate. As the night falls, food sources become more scarce for these insects so they go in search of them all over your room!  What are their senses like? Like humans, roaches have five senses – taste (mouthparts), sight (compound eye), hearing (ears on the abdomen), smell, and tactile reception which is how they feel things with hairs or spines that cover their body. The antennae act as sensory receptors hosting chemical sensors called olfactory organs at the tip; this is where they can detect odors


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