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Resistance can be a positive thing when it comes to exercise. In this blog post, we discuss how resistance training can help you get stronger and increase your muscle mass. We also explore the idea of negative resistance by looking at weight loss and dieting as an example. First, we’ll talk about what resistance training is and how it can help you get stronger. The basic idea behind weight lifting workouts is that by using heavyweights with the right technique, your muscles will be forced to grow bigger and stronger over time. Resistance training relies on two principles: progressive overload (increasing the amount of weight as you start getting stronger) and specificity (doing exercises designed for certain muscle groups). For example, if a person wanted to target their biceps they would perform an exercise like curl or preacher curls where they bend at the elbow while holding onto a barbell and keep their elbows close in towards each other during the movement. If someone wants to work out all of their arm muscles such as triceps,


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