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Yes, rats can eat tomatoes! They are in the same plant family as potatoes. Rats have been known to eat and destroy crops of all kinds, including tomatoes. In order to keep rats away from your garden, you should try planting mints around the edges. Rats do not like the smell of this plant and will avoid it at all costs. You can also set up a rat trap using bait or peppermint oil as an attractant, which is another way to expel them without hurting them! Keep in mind that if they have been eating tomatoes before trying these methods they may be more resistant to their repellent effects. If nothing else seems to work after a while, then you might want to consider contacting professional pest control services for help instead! Good luck with keeping rats out of your tomato plants! The content above is still a work in progress. It will be finished soon! Inserting Numbers or Bullet Points Make sure you have completed the long-form content before inserting numbers or bullet points. If you insert them beforehand, they may not make sense to readers who haven’t read any of your draft content yet because it won’t feel like part of an organic story that progresses logically from one point to another. You wouldn’t want someone reading your blog post and feeling confused about where he/she should start reading next after finishing one section only for him/her to later find out there was more text hidden elsewhere on the page which would’ve made much more sense as a logical continuation of what had been written so


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