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Rats can eat popcorn. And they love it! So there are 11 things that rats can eat that may surprise you. It is important for humans to keep rats out of their homes. To do this, a human needs to know what they can eat and how they get in the house. Rats will enter the home through unsecured screens on windows or doors. They also inhabit abandoned buildings as well as structures that are under construction. Droppings may be found both indoors and outdoors near these places! The thing I never knew about rats was that even if you buy rat poison, it won’t kill them right away because it’s ingested orally instead of injected intravenously like with mice (I learned this while researching). It takes quite some time for the rodenticide to work its way through a rat’s system—usually around two weeks before one dies from consuming it. The other thing I never knew about rats was that they are immune to snake venom! So don’t worry too much if you see a rat coming across the backyard where your garden is and there’s a slithering serpent insight. The rodent will be okay. It is important for humans to know what types of food they should not feed their pets because some pests like rats can eat popcorn, which could make them very sick or even kill them! This includes any type of noodles (even dry) as well as bread with raisins or nuts inside—many times the packaging doesn’t indicate these ingredients so one may think they are feeding something safe when actually this isn’t the case. It also goes


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