grapes, fruits, food @ Pixabay

We all know that rats can’t eat grapes. It’s one of the most basic facts in life, right up there with “birds fly” and “cat’s meow.” But for some reason, people keep asking if they can feed their pet rat grapes. This blog post will explain why it’s a bad idea to give your rat grapes! Reason 11: Rats can’t digest grapes. As soon as the rat bites into a grape, it’s immediately going to start chewing on the fruit. And just like that first bite of an apple, every subsequent chew is breaking down and grinding up even more cells in its mouth from not only that one grape but everything else you’ve been feeding your pet rats with! These damaged cells from acid inside the stomach start to break down the food further..except for those little pesky seeds from all those yummy red delicious ones! So when you think about how many times a day our pets consume so much toxic waste material, do we really want to add some more toxins from eating something they can’t process? It doesn’t


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