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You might think you want to get a rat as a pet. After all, they are small and adorable. But before you go out and buy one, make sure that you read this blog post about the 9 reasons why rats should not be pets! Rats are very difficult to look after. You need a lot of time and patience because they can get sick easily if you don’t keep their cages clean -They also have a nasty habit of biting which could lead to an infection in your mouth or nose. This is not something that should be happening when it’s just for fun! It’s impossible to train rats like other pets, so they will never learn tricks or obey commands from you -The rat population has exploded over the last few decades and there are now “pet” stores where these animals are sold as novelty items, but we shouldn’t be encouraging this cruel trade by buying them -Rats live about two years on average,


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