raccoon, animal, nature @ Pixabay

Raccoons are nocturnal mammals with a notorious reputation. One of the most common myths about raccoons is that they can’t jump. The truth is, raccoons can jump when necessary and have been observed jumping up to 20 feet!

zoo, guadeloupe, racoon @ Pixabay

Nowadays, there are many videos online of raccoons showing off their jumping skills. One video that’s been circulating on the internet features a raccoon at night trying to get into an attic. When it sees something blocking its way, like a small dog or cat for example, the critter will jump up and headbutt them so they can move past them!

In another instance where you might notice raccoon jumping is when one tries to cross a road with cars coming by in either direction. The moment before making contact with the ground from being hit by car tires (or perhaps even avoiding said contact), these animals will leap across the pavement–sometimes as far as 12 feet!–to safety. As such, this leaves no


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