arctic hare, hare, rabbit @ Pixabay

Many people wonder how dark does a rabbit need to be in order for it to see. The answer is that they can see even better than humans, but still not as well as other animals like owls or cats. Rabbits are crepuscular animals which means they are most active at dusk and dawn when there is less light available.

bunny, cute, grass @ Pixabay

You may be wondering why they need to see at all considering their natural diet primarily consists of dark leafy vegetables and grasses. It turns out that rabbits have a retina made up of rods which are sensitive to low light levels as well as cones which allow them to see colors no matter how dim the lighting is.

This allows them to detect predators in areas where there is little or no light available such as underground burrows, caves, forests during darkness and spaces between tall blades of vegetation. Their eyesight also gives them an advantage when it comes time for mating season because breeding pairs will often hide together in darker places where other animals can’t easily find them. The more you know about these wonderful creatures, the easier it becomes to


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