easter, easter bunny, egg @ Pixabay

Many people have rabbits as pets, but it is important to know what they should and shouldn’t eat. In this article we will discuss the foods that are safe for your rabbit to eat. We will also cover the foods that can hurt or even kill them!

arctic hare, hare, rabbit @ Pixabay

-A bunny that loves to eat carrots is in luck! Carrots are a healthy, easily digestible vegetable for them. They can also have some of the fat from foods you cook with it. It’s important not to give too many raw carrots as they could get impacted by indigestion or diarrhea and stop eating altogether.

-Beans should be avoided because they contain trypsin inhibitors which will make their digestive system work much harder than normal leading to more gas production and GI stasis (a life threatening condition). When feeding beans be sure to use small quantities only occasionally. Too high an amount of these types of food items may lead to health problems like constipation, obesity, weakness and dental issues as well


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