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A lot of people have questions about what rabbits can and cannot eat. I’m here to answer this question for you! Rabbits are herbivores, so they should not eat anything that is high in protein or contains meat.

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They are able to digest vegetables and fruits just fine, but be careful with any foods containing a higher sugar content because it could cause them to get diarrhea. For example, peppers contain much more sugar then other vegetables like carrots or celery do, so if your rabbit has an upset stomach it might be because of the peppers they ate last night!

In addition to this, rabbits should not eat any vegetables that are high in oxalic acid as it can cause a calcium deficiency and lead to other health complications. Some examples of these foods could be rhubarb or spinach! Whatever you do, make sure your rabbit is eating an adequate amount of hay so they have enough fiber in their diet which helps with digestion.

They also need plenty of fresh water too because lots of fruits and vegetables contain more sugar than regular grains like bread does. If you’re interested in learning more about what the best food for your bunny would be I recommend looking on where there’s some great information available!


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