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What do you think about when someone says “rabbits”?

Do you think of the cute Easter bunnies, or maybe a cartoon character? Or does your mind jump to thoughts of vegetables and specifically green beans? The answer is likely that rabbits are not something that you associate with eating green beans.

bunny, cute, grass @ Pixabay

Do Rabbits Eat Green Beans | Can Rabbits Eat Green Beans But what if I told you that there are some circumstances where rabbits can eat green beans? It turns out they have the same digestive system as humans, and their diet closely resembles ours. There are two cases in which rabbits can eat green beans.

One is when they have been sick and the doctor has prescribed a change of diet, so medical professionals will advise that you feed them vegetables and fruit instead of their regular food pellets. The second circumstance occurs during pregnancy as the mother’s nutritional needs increase to provide for her children. It might not be every day or even very often, but if your rabbit does happen to get some green beans it won’t hurt him!


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