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This is a blog post about whether or not bunnies like dandelions. We will explore the different types of dandelion, how to identify if your bunny likes them, and what type of consequences there are for them eating these plants.

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What are dandelions?

Dandelion plants have a yellow flower that can be seen from afar. They grow in most areas of the world and produce more than 200 thousand seeds per year. The leaves look like ferns, but they do not have any particular shape or form to them (like lettuce).

Dandelion is also used for medicinal purposes such as reducing inflammation in arthritis patients and lowering blood sugar levels in diabetics. Can rabbits eat dandelions? Yes! Rabbits need much less water than other animals due to their fur coats, so they may enjoy nibbling on these flowers because it has many nutrients. There are very few predators who will eat this plant too- which makes it


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