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Some of you may be asking, “Can rabbits eat cilantro?” The answer is yes, but it can also be toxic for them. Cilantro contains a chemical called arugula that causes hemolytic anemia in rabbits and other small animals. If your rabbit has eaten a lot of cilantro or just nibbled on some leaves while they were exploring their environment, then they could have been poisoned. It’s best to keep this herb off the menu if you want to keep your bunny safe! Keywords: “can rabbits eat cilantro” Category: Health & Wellness, Food, and Recipes, Pets, and Animals. User Tags: Animal Care Tips for Rabbits; rabbit food recipes; can rabbits eat basil. ‌Rabbits should not consume more than a small amount of this herb because it could be toxic to them! It’s best to keep the plant off your pet’s menu if you want them to stay safe from harm. If they have eaten too much or just nibbled on some while exploring their environment, then that means they may have been poisoned by its chemical called arugula which causes hemolytic anemia in bunnies as well other animals who are smaller in size than a


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