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Rabbits are known for their love of carrots, but can they eat chocolate?

Is it safe for rabbits to eat chocolate? What should I do if my rabbit ate some chocolate? These are all questions that we will try and answer in this blog post.

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Rumors about rabbits and chocolate are abundant on the internet. Some sites say that they can’t eat it, while others insist that nothing is wrong with a little bit of dark chocolate. In this article, we will answer these questions for you in order to offer some peace of mind if your pet has eaten some cocoa beans or other form of rich chocolate product.

If your rabbit does happen to have a taste for something sweet like milk flavors from cookies or cake frosting, there are many types of human sweets available just for their enjoyment! If you’re worried about what’s safe to feed them though then check out our list below: – Dark Chocolate (in moderation) – Carrots (of course!)


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