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Cheerios are a great choice of food for rabbits because they’re small and have the right balance of nutrients. You should avoid feeding them foods that are too big, as it can cause digestive problems for your rabbit. – –

Can Rabbits Eat Cheese?

Cheese is not as healthy of a choice as cheerios because it has more fat. However, rabbits can eat cheese if they don’t have any other options and you want them to be happy or just enjoy the taste! You should only feed your rabbit small amounts of cheese. If they’re able to get exercise outside without being in danger then that’s usually ok too.

Remember never let your bunny go hungry though! They need food with protein, fiber, calories, water and vitamins like calcium for long term health. So make sure you give them fresh vegetables every day along with hay even when their teeth are worn down from eating so much hardwood bark all the time (it


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