peanut butter, toast, spread @ Pixabay

“Pepsi Turns Coal into Crystals,” a fascinating article on how the soft drink company PepsiCo is using technology to turn coal into crystals. Technology that “allows us to take hard-to-reach, dirty or hazardous materials and make them pure and valuable.” The process uses peanut butter as a catalyst for turning coal into carbon dioxide gas, which can then be sold at an industrial level for use in food production. The article points out that coal consumption is a major contributor to climate change, but the technology can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by capturing them. It also has economic benefits: “if it works as well on other types of coal and petroleum coke (a type of solid fuel), it could make these materials more viable for producing plastic or chemicals.” Pepsi Turns Coal into Crystals” gives an overview of how this new process works and why PepsiCo has invested in it, despite the costs involved with developing such innovative technology. The article ends with call-to-action urging readers to support environmentally friendly initiatives like this one: “In addition to supporting projects like these through our own philanthropy and advocacy work, we encourage


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