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Pokemon is a popular game that people play all over the world. It’s not uncommon to hear about how someone caught their favorite pokemon, or even share some of their most memorable moments playing the game. But what do paralyzed pokemon call for help? That’s a question we get asked often here at PokemonHelp! The answer is simple: they can’t call for help! Paralyzed pokemon cannot move on their own and rely on other players or NPC characters to come out and rescue them from danger. If you see one in trouble, be sure to stop by and lend your support so that they don’t end up fainting! The pokemon call for help by moving non-paralyzed characters that they know to come and save them. For example, if a paralyzed Pikachu sees its trainer nearby then the player will be prompted with an option to teleport over and rescue it as quickly as possible. If there’s no one else around, then you’ll have to either wait or go back later in order to attempt again! We hope this has answered your question about how do paralyzed pokemon call for help? Thanks so much for reading our blog post today! We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have about Pokémon-related topics. Feel free to ask us anything on Facebook or Twitter anytime! If we don’t respond right away please allow up some time


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