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What are the most popular questions that people ask about parakeets? Here is a list of 5 common questions and their answers. Can parakeets eat strawberries? A: Yes, they can eat strawberries but not too many because otherwise, they may get sick. What do parakeets look like when they fly? A: Parakeets usually have green feathers and red cheeks and necks, so in-flight it looks as if they’re wearing a mask on one side of their face. What is the best way to feed my pet parrot? A: The best foods for your pet bird are fresh fruits & vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains (like oats), beans or legumes (like chickpeas), and freshwater. What do parakeets say? A: Parakeets can be taught to imitate words, but they usually don’t repeat them very often because it’s too tiring for their vocal cords. However, you’ll find that your pet will make a variety of distinctive sounds like cooing or clucking if they’re happy enough with the food and care you provide for them. How big is a wild parrot nest? A: The size of a wild birds nest varies from species to species, but typically ranges between 20-30cm in diameter. It also depends on how many eggs are laid by the parents – some may lay one egg while others might have up to five! What color


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