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Can you think of a time when your day was going bad and something made it better? A crossword puzzle might be just what the doctor ordered. Relieve stress, increase mental agility, and put a smile on your face with these warm, fuzzy crosswords! In a crossword, the horizontal lines represent words or phrases while vertical lines divide them into columns. One square may have two or more letters in it and there’s no limit to how many squares can share one letter (i.e., “N” could be in six other boxes). Each puzzle is different but most of the time some clues are easier than others because they don’t require as much knowledge about what an answer means. For example, The word CLUE would take less research and guesswork on your part since you’re looking for words that start with C L U E versus ones that rhyme with clues like CHOICE, SOAP, OATS) We hope this blog post has given you


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