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Are you looking to develop your website?

If so, then the first thing you should be thinking about is where your business is located. There are many different places that have a high cost of living and require expensive developer rates, but Vietnam has relatively low costs when it comes to web development.
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This post will introduce some of the best things about web development in Vietnam as well as some tips for how to hire an affordable developer. Web development in Vietnam is a popular option because of the low cost. Popular languages that are used for web development include HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.
The average salary for developers is about $100 per hour or about $1838 per month on Upwork.com. This can be more expensive than other countries like Cambodia where it’s only around $1400/month but still cheaper than places like Norway at around $200-$300/month.
Once you hire your developer they will work with you to make sure you have an outline before starting any coding so that there won’t be any confusion later on during the process. During this stage it’s also important to create all content and send out anything related to SEO.


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