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Recently, a video of two people with disabilities singing the song “What Does The Fox Say” went viral. I was captivated by their talent and admired how passionate they were about music. However, after much consideration, I realized that these individuals cannot make sounds because they are mute! This got me thinking about all of the other things in life that we take for granted. Why do you think it is called being “mute”? The word “mute” is derived from the Latin word for “silent.” So, being mute means you cannot make any sounds. This leads me to believe that when someone is deaf or a person with an intellectual disability they are also considered mute because they cannot physically speak either. One of my favorite quotes by Albert Einstein states, “[It] seems to be much easier for people to judge than to understand.” I think this quote explains how we all too often take what others have and use it without fully appreciating its value due to our own selfishness and greediness. I am not sure if anything will ever change in society but hopefully one day everyone acknowledges the need for acceptance and kindness towards those who may seem different


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