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It’s a question that has plagued the minds of Minecraft players for years: “Do mobs spawn on stairs?” The answer is no, they do not. But why? How can such an important game mechanic be overlooked? It just doesn’t make sense! In this blog post, we will go over exactly how and why stairwells are one of the most dangerous places in Minecraft. The reason that mobs don’t spawn on stairs is because of the way they are generated. The world’s terrain and structures have heightmaps, which intelligently map out different heights in a range between high points (elevation) and low points (depression). When generating staircases, there is an elevation “cut” at each step to match with what should be below it; this means that nothing can generate within one tile above or below the staircase due to not having enough space for something else to generate alongside it. This creates a small safe zone around your feet where you will never encounter anything other than player-made creations such as furniture or crafting tables – even if those weren’t explicitly made by you! As long as you


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